MaintShop Trial Time

Please, consider to trying to use MaintShop some time, and so make your decision to adopt the system for your Maintenance Workshop.

All information, and pictures you will upload, will not be discarded after trial time. You will can download them, and archive for any purpose.
Information on databases will be in CSV format, the images in jpeg, and documents in PDF.
Work orders, reports and other official records may be in PDF or XML format.

Pay attention: MainShop does not rule out the Technical Responsible of their respective duties, and responsibilities before the regulatory agency.

Boole Systems, during the test period, can not be responsible for the loss of information or problems of tasks, or any damage to aircraft, injury to persons or financial loss to companies.

The Name that will be shown at the top of the system site and Android app. Please as short as possible. Do not use Inc, Corp e others formal attributes
Person responsible for administering the system, who will subsequently add the other users
Email to contact you to provide access to system when ready to use
A single word login name to be used for access the system
Please some information about your Maintenance Shop to better construction of database and system details
Which method you want to use for testing, on how to sign the official records required by the regulatory agency
Please a number of users that probably will have access to the system
Number of employees who work directly in the maintenance tasks, as well as in the administration of the company, controlling the quality of the maintenance and airworthiness care
Please, tell us about how you reached this site and our product