Boole Embedded Systems Develops Embedded Systems since 2000, being the first company born inside the Technological Hotel (Incubator) of UTF-PR (then still CEFET-PR). In Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

Throughout that time it has developed systems that range from complete vehicle tracking systems, industrial automation and controls, medical and hospital equipment, condominium and residential automation, commercial automation, customer service system, ticket generator and service queues among many others .

Nowadays, is specialized in the automotive and aeronautical sectors, developing maintenance equipment for cars and avionics systems (electrical and electronic equipment on board aircraft). And acts in the support to the project management for development of products in client companies.

It is also introducing MaintShop, an integrated system by WEB API, all developed in cloud technology, to be accessed by desktops, notebooks, mobiles, both by native browsers and by specific APK.
MaintShop automates aeronautical maintenance shops, supporting customer control, service orders, transit of materials removed from aircraft, inventory items, shipping to contracted third parties, in accordance with FAA, ANAC and other regulatory branch of activity.
The MaintShop is always undergoing adaptation to meet the latest standards and regulations, with the recently launched Resolutions, dealing with the use exclusively IT technologies for the records required by the Regulatory Agencies.

In the automotive sector, in partnership with Global Modules presents to the market the product GRS (Global RPM Simulator) for engine workshops and electronic injection. And it prepares for the launch of MaintShop AUTO, a management solution for automotive maintenance companies, in the same way as the system used in the aeronautical industry.

In the branch of condominial, residential and building automation it presents access control products for the most varied needs, in partnership with companies of consistency in the market.

It also has a beverage delivery truck safe system, used by the world’s largest soft drink supplier.

Having activity with Boole Embedded Systems means being on the cutting edge technology of what is on the world market, and having the products “In the State of the Art”.

Contact us, state your needs and we will make a project development proposal according to the concepts PMI – PMBoK, International Institute for Project Management, and its Good Management Practices Base Book.